Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s always an adventure to get away from reality for a tid-bit and hang out with my camping buddies. There is something about the woods and not feeling beholden to the confines of society that centers me. I’m trying to find that feeling when I’m not in the woods and having to deal with “reality”….returning to The Power of Now and finding it’s synergy isn’t always an easy task.

I attended the third day of an autism workshop in Pittsboro, NC today and three areas really stood out to me; self-advocacy, well-being and coping. I find it ironic that I teach my students skills in these areas of personal development, when I try to grasp and implement these concepts myself. Many adults are fearful of advocating for their own needs and have such significant difficulties coping (insert ____ here as to whatever you feel your character flaws may be). Because I am an extroverted person that is self-defined as “highly sensitive” (yeah- look it up- it’s a real thing http://www.rebellesociety.com/2014/07/29/13-awesome-characteristics-of-highly-sensitive-people/), I tend to have a hell of a lot of empathy for others. This is a great thing with my students and I find that most of the time I am able to “be the observer” and provide them with strategies they need to be successful. However, I’m not always able to do this for myself during times of stress or when involved in negative situations with other adults.

So today I started by advocating for myself. I stepped away from unpleasant situations or situations that made me uneasy. One of the goals that I have for myself and I try to instill in my students (and biological children) is… “if it doesn’t feel right, GO LEFT” (It probably isn’t right).

On this Rainy day and Monday…. I leave these thoughts on how I plan to find better ways to cope, manage stress, advocate for myself, and for my well-being (“take what works and leave the rest!):

  • Listen to my heart or that “uneasy feeling”
  • THINK before I speak (is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind?)
  • Spend time with those who accentuate my positives
  • Walk away from the negative
  • Focus on self-care (food, exercise, meditation, knowledge and rest)

I hope you all find some peace and serenity today in your place in the world.



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